Naughty List Wednesday

I'm late...shocker.  Here's my list--Happy Hump Day Everyone

1. How old were you when you lost your virginity?

I was 14.  He was 19.  It was so horrible that it's funny.  LOL...we'd been flirting with each other for a couple of months, since school had gotten out.  Well no one was ever home at his house so I went over & hung out.  Then it progressed by the day until I finally said yes...here's the gist:  He lived in a trailer park.  I don't think he had parents.  His room had bunk beds in it.  As he laid on top of me, he pulled out a condom.  It was RED.  It was DRY.  He goes in.....then his best friend WALKS IN.  Then he was done.  And then he never talked to me again.  I LOL every time I think about it.

2. Worst break up ever?  My divorce.  Duh.
3. Ever been on a blind date? Explain.  NEVER

4. Ever sent a sexy text message and had it gone to the wrong person?  Even if I did, all my friends would respond back with something equally inappropriate, HAHA

5. An excuse you have used to get out of sex.  PEOPLE DO THIS????


  1. Wow! You definitely exemplify raw honesty in your blog. Great post!

  2. Ooooohhhh.....THANK YOU!!!! And after that awesome compliment, I think I might need to post the nastiest email that I've ever composed for tomorrow's post....I LOVE YOU COPYBOY!

  3. Red? Dry? Too quick? Sounds kind of like a clown sex nightmare. lol. I was 14 too, or maybe 13.
    I love the last answer.

  4. regarding #5--yes, all the time. I have a list of standby excuses :)