I totally forgot to post my questions...the Linky thing

I apologize to all the girls who posted their questions & answers yesterday and I didn't.  So hopefully, I can make it up...here you go:


1. When do you feel like a naughty mommy?

I feel like a naughty mommy when I yell at the top of my lungs across the neighborhood for the boys to get their asses home.  And the old guy across the street just stares at me.

I feel naughty when I smoke in the house.  Yeah, it happens.  But whatever.

I feel naughty when I lay in bed (I love love love love my bed!!!) and everyone else is up.  I JUST WANT TO LAY HERE!!!!  LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE.

2. A Celebrity that makes you think naughty things!

Is this like a TV celeb or movie celeb?  IDK.  I rarely watch either.  But I do like to stare at Matthew McConaughey (I had to google how to spell his last name).  Anyway, he could eat crackers in my bed.

3. Post a picture that is rated PG or PG13 but that always makes you think naughty!

Here's my pic...my friend, B, told me it was National Cleavage Day so I did my best to participate:

4. Tell me about your first kiss!

I kissed a boy named Jason in 2nd grade.  Peck on the cheek kinda deal.  But the heavy kissing, hmmmm, probably a boy named Chad.  We rode the bus together.  And when I say that, I mean that we were the kids who lived out in the country so we spent A LOT of time on the bus.  My house was the last fucking stop some years.  When I was five, I told my bus driver a dirty joke.  Good thing he was hard-of-hearing.  But I digress....

5. Do you "prune your lady garden"? For naughty reasons or other reasons?

Yep, I prune.  Mostly for naughty reasons....he likes it that way.  And I like it that way.  Enough said. 

And here's one more pic for your viewing pleasure, this is a painting that is in my living room....my awesome friend, Miss N, painted it.  The story is hysterical.  She was going for "lighthouse in a windstorm".  When she stepped back, she didn't like the way the lighthouse looked so she started tweaking it....and this was the final product....which conjures up soooooooo many thoughts & phrases, heehee.  A friend of mine came over & saw it for the first time and said "only you.  And it works.  And it would ONLY work for you."  I call it my "conversation piece."  And seriously, Miss N sells her paintings all over the place but she didn't feel like anyone would appreciate this one the way that I truly adore it.  And I do.  And it works.  Enjoy!


  1. I prune too. Or completely excavate... that sounds all sorts of wrong.

    Nice Rack.

  2. You rode what on the bus whore????

    As soon as I saw FUCK front and center I knew we were going to get along great bitch!

  3. Following from CB....nice boobs! boobs rock!! I am all for pruning!

  4. nice rack...Following from CB. <3 boobs too daisy.