These days are numbered....

It's one of the last few warm evenings...I have 3 10 & 11yo boys hanging around and I just turned them loose on the 'hood until 9.  TD went to spend the night down the street with his friend.  If that hadn't worked out then I would be here with 5 boys.  And W.  I love him.  Hard.  That's a whole other story.  I'll get around to telling it at some point. 


I turned the boys loose & we're out on the back porch on our laptops.  It's my MOST FAVORITE thing to do.  Sit on the back porch, drink beer, listen to the radio, hang with W, play on our laptops until the wee hours of the morning.  We're total rednecks & we both have the worst language.....good thing everyone else still has their A/C running, otherwise, complaints of vulgarity could happen.  We sit out here all the time as long as the temp is above 60.  If it falls below that....I'm fucking OUT.  I hate winter, I hate being cold.  FUCK WINTER.  FUCK BEING COLD. 

I passed out fell asleep with a beer in my hand last night.....oops.  Of course it got spilled all over my bed that I adore....patting my back for buying the waterproof mattress pad....regardless....when I woke up, I was soaked in beer & W was none too impressed.  I took the sheets & mattress pad off, covered the mattress with a different sheet, proceeded to change into a t-shirt (yes....only a t-shirt) and went back to sleep.  He got up & went to work at some point around 7am (and really, do not fuck with me before noon on a Sat or Sun) and I remained in my t-shirt, covered with a blanket.  And of course he came home early.....woke me up just for the sake of waking me.  But it turned out well.  We hung out in our room watching Grey's until about 1pm....but we didn't just watch Grey's.....I got mine.

You have to see my extremely girly bed.....because I am so NOT girly.  I don't wear makeup (if there's some sort of "event", I might wear mascara & eyeliner), I don't give a fuck about clothes (but I do own a kick-ass pair of hooker shoes), I'm not all touchy-feely, I don't want to discuss my kids (I live with them, that's fucking plenty).  But this bed that I adore.....W laughs at me because I love it so much.  He was not impressed when he saw the amount of pink I adorned it with....so, even though I want to paint all 4 walls of my room a different shade of pink to reflect my awesome bed, I won't.  Cuz he said he would sleep on the couch if I did it.  I can live without the pink.  I never again want to live without W.  :)


  1. Bitch I have 59 pairs of hooker shoes... and live on make-up.

    But I still love your hooker ass!

  2. I love you!!!! And you can have all my make-up! Ask W, he's like....WHY DON'T YOU DO IT MORE OFTEN?????

    Cuz it annoys me. But I love you. :)

    And I love you, too, CB!!!! I think I said it...but Emporia. That's where I was born & raised. I hauled ass before I was 18.