What up, Hookers?

So it's Friday night.  I tried, while at work, to figure out how to add CB's Blog Stock Friday woman but I failed.....so if anyone feel like enlightening me, I promise to make it up to you (did I mention my tongue touches my nose?).

But I linked my blog up with her.  And she's fucking awesome!

I'm about 8 beers deep....so if I make errors, too goddamn bad.  Just skip over it.  I made some observations today & here they are:

One of you is in KS.
One of you is in Tulsa.
One of you is a Legal Assistant (but not in KS or OK)
Several of you are Navy wives

So here's the deal, LMAO, I know I did the right thing when I showed up over here cuz here are our similarities:

I was born & raised in KS.
I now live in OK.
I am a paralegal (that's my title....Legal Assistant is the same, I think).
And <cough cough> I was a Navy wife for 13 years (and was in the Navy for 4 years before that). 

I'm really late today.  I didn't want to be late but I fucked up a couple posts (trying to post the Blog Stalk) so I deleted them & then just decided this shit could wait until I got on my laptop. 

And btw, I got a phone call around 9am from the school.  They, yet again, determined I had not given him his meds.  YOU ARE RIGHT!!!  I DIDN'T!  Sorry 'bout that....go ahead, get into the meds I left at the school.  I am MOTY (that's Mother of the Year in case you don't know)...if you try to steal my trophy I will kick your ass.  My mantle is where that fucking trophy belongs.

Ok...I think I'm off to fuck with people on FB.  I might return over here....and if I get laid, I'll definitely let you know.


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  1. What kind of drunk shit are you spewing now bitch?

    You did great linking up. All you have to do is put the button up, but I'll forgive you because you rock my tits off!

    You were born and raised in KS???? Where abouts hooker???