Hello fellow Internet junkies!  I decided it's time to get my ass over here & start writing.  Why not...it's just another way to ignore everything else in my world.


I cuss like a sailor.  And I really was a sailor.  In the Navy.  And if you don't like cussing, then don't continue reading because you'll be fucking insulted.  Or appalled.  Or both.  WTFE.

Soooooo....I wonder often these days, HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?  And I don't mean this blog...I mean...how did my life get to this point?  I still don't know.  But it's a new life so why not have a new blog to go along with it.

I'm a mom (aren't most bloggers?  Seems that way to me...and they're hysterical--I love all the Mom Bitches out there).  Boys.  Two of them.  10 (11 this month) and 7.  They drive me crazy and I love the little turds.  I'm sure you'll be hearing about them.  Count on it.

I have a husband.  And a boyfriend.  (Nope, I'm not fucking kidding).  Which all has to do with my life question of WTF?  How did this happen?  I've been separated from my husband for over a year....he now lives in another state.  And my bf.....well.....THAT was total accident (WTF IS HAPPENING?).  I wasn't looking, neither was he.  And yes, my husband knows.  Rest assured, the divorce papers should be signed any day now so if you think I'm doing something wrong, then quit reading & call my mother who will agree with you & you can both flatter each other with how RIGHT you are and nevermind the fact that your judgment of me reflects poorly on you & therefore, I don't really give a fuck what you think.

But anyway....here's my start.  Or my do-over.  Whatever.  I'm hungry & it's almost lunchtime.  I brought soup.  Homemade soup.  I'm a soup junkie, too.  And a vegetarian.  I live in Oklahoma.  LOL, if that's not an oxy-moron then I don't know what is...OH WAIT...I live in the Bible Belt & I don't go to church...there's another one.  Although, I will say, these Oklahomans (no, I'm not native to OK) are serious about their churchin' & I get invited to attend at least once a week by someone who obviously doesn't know me very well.  Shit, just the thought of going in a church conjures up images of the church floor opening up to swallow me.

That's it for now.  I need food.  Soup.

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  1. If someone has a problem with you having a boyfriend while not 100% divorced, fuck 'em! That's your business. Everyone knows what's what so no one else needs to butt in.