Yesterday was the last day of school until Monday.  It's fall break.  What does that mean?  It means if I don't make some sort of plan for these crazy boys that one of them will be hanging around the house doing nothing but playing video games for 2 days while the other one is in daycare terrorizing the teachers.  This scenario never sits well with me...and I would take off work but right now is not a good time (isn't that how it always works?  FML).

So what's a girl to do?  She makes plans with the grandparents.  And that's no easy feat.  My boys have 3 grandparents.  My mom & both of my ex's parents.  Out of the 3, none of them is really involved in their lives....but you go and get a divorce & suddenly people take notice (well, my mom isn't speaking to me but whatever--that's a whole other post for a long rainy day).  Anyway, long story short, I drove them halfway to their g'parents last night.  I AM KID-FREE FOR FOUR WHOLE DAYS.  FOUR DAYS!!!!! 

So prior to the drop-off, for several days, I'm thinking about all the sex I'm going to be having.  I'm thinking about all the TV I'm going to watch (I never watch TV when the boys are home, I don't have time or patience).  I'm thinking that I might just walk naked through my living room to go get a beer in the fridge.  WHY NOT....FREEDOM, right?  And when bf & I shower (yes, we shower together every day) we can do it with the bathroom door open.  Why does that matter?  Steamy mirrors irritate me.  Just sayin. 

So basically, lots of sex, lots of naked, lots of beer, lots of TV.  Oh...and of course the laptops are ALWAYS on when we're home.

I dropped them off.  Bf & I drive back to town, talking about how shitty everyone but me drives.  Talking about how he needs a steak, let's eat out.  So we do.  We text my girl, RN Queen, to come meet us because the place we ate last night is where she & I always meet up for drinks, gossip & general cattiness.  It was fun.  Drinks & his steak.  Catching up with my girl.  You know...doing what people do when they don't have kids.

We get home.  Time to shower.  NO KIDS!!!  (big fat grin) His phone rings...I head to the shower.  I get out, he's still on the phone.  He gets off the phone & wants to know why I didn't wait for him....um, I didn't feel a need to listen to your social hour, I'm ready to get it on so hurry up!  He showers.  We get in bed, both with our laptops (normal routine), TV on, etc.....finish our computer time (I'm gonna get laid!!!!!) and I get up to let the dogs out.  Come back in the bedroom & he's asleep.  Snoring.  WTF?  How did this happen?

So I crawled into bed, snuggled up next to him & proceeded to do what people do who don't have kids.  Sleep.

****don't worry, Copyboy, I'll post the email sometime today, PROMISE!


  1. Well at least you got the laptop TV portion of the night. That's cool, right?

  2. "sweet dreams are made of these.."

  3. WTFE! I need to get laid.

  4. AMEN, sista.
    That really made me miss the times of the ex & I taking showers together. *Leg up on the edge of tub* Dayum!!