It's smoky in here.

:)  :)  :)

Thank you all for following.  :)  And so you know, I read you guys every day.  It makes me feel more normal.  For a time or two, I've felt like I'm the one standing out....the one who either can't get along with "society" or the mom who doesn't have her shit together.  Well I have my shit together.  Just not in the order/fashion/way all those others have their shit together.  And I have no desire to try and be more like some of the moms I know....schedule this, schedule that, do this, do that....WELL I DON'T DO THAT!  You're lucky if I show up being only 5 min late vs. an hour.  I can't help it & I'm done trying.  It drives him crazy...he's all about getting somewhere on time....WTF?  I'll show when I show.  I know it's rude & all but it's just never worked out for me to be on time.  I've tried.  But I'm done with that.

It really is smoky in here.  Our bedroom.  It's like this:  We get home from work, do the homework-snack-toy-go-to-the-neighbor's fight with the boys....one of us cooks, the other keeps their eye on the boys while telling the cook about their day....dinner commences.  My 3 favorite people eat (I don't).  I clean up, ship the boys to the shower and try to get some adult convo time with W.  In between all that, you girls all know how it is.....blah blah blah.  So by the time the boys are in bed, we're also ready to go chill.  Which, if it were super-warm, we'd be out on the back porch but it's fall now & I hate to be cold so we go to our room & each get on our laptops....and smoke.  And drink beer.  So yep, it's smoky in here.  BUT I HAVE PINK SHEETS & I HEART THIS BED!

Here's the majority of what I wanted to share....a funny for today & something to just remind us that we all used to be like this.  :) 

Last night was a pretty relaxing night at my house. Everyone was in a good mood, etc.

After everyone had showered, had dinner, etc., my 10yo went to his room to watch TV, TD was at the dinner table eating a snack. W was in the living room changing the channel for TD (my living/dining room are basically one big room).

I walk down the hall, come into the living room and W is right there, changing the channel. He says something to me or TD, I forget, and anyway, I put my arms around W and kiss him...not in a sexy, lets-do-it kinda kiss but just a goofy kiss, a snuggly kinda moment. Well just as we stop kissing, TD yells "HEY!! YOU GUYS ARE HAVING SEX!!!!!!!"

WTF? Did he just say that out loud? W & I look at each other & just burst out laughing (cuz really, what else is there to do?). So we laughed & TD laughed, he said it again.....and then I explained to him that we were kissing, not having sex (in my head I'm picturing him at school saying "my mom was having sex with W in the living room while I ate my snack & watched TV and I saw them.")

Just kill me now.


  1. Oh dear God!

    Bitch, people are lucky if I'm a HALF HOUR late instead of 2 hours!!!!!

    You soooo need to link this up to Blog Stalk Friday hoe!

  2. While I tried it for a period of time in the 90's one can not live on diet coke, smokes, and sex for sustenance. Why aren't you eating dinner my dear?

    And make sure you have any intimate bedside items on lockdown, you wouldn't want anything that has an appetite for double A's on display at show & tell either!