FrIdAy FlIp OfFs

I have no clue how to get the flip-off button over here so even though it's not displayed, click the blogs on the right & I believe most of those hookers are Friday Flip-offers, too.  :)

1.  FUCK YOU to all the fuckers who want money.  My money.  I'm sick to death of you & I want you to go play on the highway.

2.  FUCK YOU to my co-worker ("your sister").  I loathe your shoes.  It would be one thing if knew how to walk in them, but you don't.  SO QUIT STOMPING UP & DOWN THE HALL, you dumb bitch.  I hate your shoes almost more than I hate you.  And the fact that you have to stomp down the hallway every 15 min to go smoke just grates on my last fucking nerve.  Oh...and I heard the company is giving you a cell phone.  Because you're never at your desk & people can't reach you.  That's because you're out SMOKING.  And you know what?  I smoke.  But not at work.  So FUCK YOU to management as well for allowing it to happen.  Bunch of corporate fucks.  Oh...and also, dear sister, your clothes are ridiculous.  You do not look hot.  You look cheap.  And fringe left fashion sometime in the 80s.  Did you not get that memo?  I hate you.  Fuck you.

3.  FUCK YOU to the parent who closed the school store before my boy got a chance to spend his dollar.  Because of that fucking school store, which is totally UNNECESSARY, he had a meltdown & got sent to the office.  Thanks a lot you pricks.  There's a reason I don't participate....because it's just ONE MORE THING that is not necessary & distracts from what the kids are supposed to be doing.  If it weren't for the FUCKING SCHOOL STORE, his day would have gone just fine.  You bitch.

4.  FUCK YOU Friday morning.  Today was the sleep-in kind of day but NO.  You had to fucking ruin it by forcing the alarm clocks to go off.  And since the other half of this work team took today off, I had no choice but to show the fuck up.  Well FUCK THAT.  But I'm not surprised....I mean, seriously.  No kids, rainy day, bf is off work, and yet I GOT OUT OF BED & CAME TO WORK.  Bastard.

5.  FUCK YOU to the IT dept.  There are WAY TOO MANY of you, you're all lazy & overpaid & don't even get me started on attendance.  Just because you're IT doesn't mean "work from home" all the goddamn time.  If I pulled the bullshit with my boss that you all get away with, I'd have been gone a long time ago.  And you fuckers want to hire more people?  Yeah.  WTFE.

6.  FUCK YOU to everything else that has pissed me off this week. 

I think I have anger issues.  The urge to bitchslap a motherfucker won't go away.

Happy Friday!


  1. A lot of quality FUs there. :)

  2. The constant urge to bitchslap would make you a great candidate to work my job in the jail :)

  3. That was awesome! *Clapping*

  4. You remind me of a female gorilla.

  5. today the world is full of idiots who invade other
    people privacy whith there loud gobs they think
    that there supreme to other people i think kids
    try to flip off people because they think that they
    can hold a adult coverstation when there fucking
    not adults there so deluded the hole reveloution
    flips me off ,so die morons........................!