Sorry I'm late

My whole day was off....starting with a dentist appointment for TD (Tazmanian Devil)& my schedule was thrown off from there. And the women in the school office stared at me...a bit like deer in headlights. I could see their question (OMG, did you remember his meds today??) and so I informed them that I did not forget to give him that one little pill that makes you people able to deal with him. I had him for 6 and a half years with no help...so sorry if I don't pity your "sort of" 7 hours with him and no meds.

Fuck them.

Why do people irritate me?  When I go run an errand at lunch, the last thing I want to do is stand in line behind all the old people who think they need to be out and about between the hours of 11-1.  THEY DO NOT.  In the Navy, if you are in uniform, you get head of the line privileges.  I think it should work that way in the real world.  I flash my work badge & someone waves me over to check me out.  It's a good little fantasy.  What are the odds I can get Congress to get onboard?  LMAO.  I kill me.

Speaking of Congress....I have meangirl secret.  :)  I have a friend on Facebook, C, that I've known since my days in the Navy...in fact, she was my Chief (she was my boss).  Well.  I love her.  Don't get me wrong.  We were close back in the day.  But some of my views have changed....none of hers have.  Well fast forward to now and EVERY SINGLE FUCKING FACEBOOK STATUS UPDATE is political.  To the far left wing.  And I'm ok with the far left wing thing, I'm ok with the far right wing.  I don't give a shit which way you lean, I just know my ass will be voting the same day you do.  Ok...back to my story.  So on Monday, I posted two newspaper things, one was a political cartoon & one was a Jay Leno quote.  When I scanned them, I made them one pic.  I posted it on FB.  OMG, you would have thought I had put a death threat out on POTUS.  She went insane.  I got lots of lectures from her.  I played it off.  It is still going on, no shit.

What's the secret?  I post that shit for the sole purpose of seeing how pissy she can get with me.  My good friend and co-worker, L (she is hysterical), purposely try & find the most right-wing stuff to post on my page for the sole purpose of 1. Timing how long it takes C to respond; 2. Reading her response & LOL many times and 3. For entertainment at work because yes, as busy as we are, we need a diversion every now & then.  So C is our diversion. 

I know.  I'll see you guys in hell, too.  Off to have a beer or 12.

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