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Ok, here it is (Copyboy).
The gist:  I have a corporate credit card; we had spent 2 weeks traveling & shit wasn't getting paid.....so I proceeded to lose it.  

My hateful email (to my 3 bosses, Accounting's 2 bosses & everyone else in my dept):
It is Saturday afternoon and I just received a call from Amex telling me that my account is now 69 days past due and after day 70 (tomorrow) it will be reflected on my credit report.  The balance due is $2292.22 and the past due amount is $2187.80 but because they only receive PARTIAL PAYMENTS the past due days keep accruing.

Am I wrong in thinking that an approved expense report should be paid in full with no questions asked?  What is the problem?  And what is the point in having a company card if I will be punished and questioned every time I use it?  I find this incredibly irresponsible and unacceptable.

Thanks for the negative mark on my credit report.  Next time I get a question about it, I'll be sure to have them call Accounting so they can explain how they screwed up and that it was completely out of my control yet I'm the one it reflects on.

I hope this clears up ANY QUESTION that yes, the corporate card IS REFLECTED ON OUR PERSONAL CREDIT. 

My previous msg:

I don’t really know what the disconnect is here, why it wasn’t paid on time—as that is not my job.  30 day net seems simple to understand to me. 

I know the documentation was provided to you, B (it really doesn't stand for Bitch), as I gave it to X BEFORE I ever went on that trip.  But, for your file, here is ANOTHER COPY of the TRAVELOCITY PACKAGE!!

I’ve contacted Travelocity for another receipt for the TRAVELOCITY PACKAGE (!!) because what I’m attaching doesn’t appear to have the “details” so desperately needed in order to pay the bill. 

Since that card is in MY NAME, I don’t appreciate that constant late payments could potentially reflect on my credit report.  Again, 30 days seems simple enough to me.

Just Me.

(Just so you know, anything that is all caps came from the morons in Accounting, I was just mocking them because they suck ass & I wanted to make sure my point was reached.)

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