Earthquake in Oklahoma

So yesterday was interesting all the way around....here are a few highlights, I can't stay here long so it's gonna be quick & I'll try & get here tonight.


My friend's husband saw a ghost while working in a warehouse yesterday morning.

While sitting in my office, I felt movement under my feet, my monitors started wiggling, and I realize we're having an earthquake.  It lasted about a minute-ish.  The USGS posted it immediately as 4.3 (not too shabby for Oklahoma)....then later in the day, they re-rated it as a 5.1.  That's the second strongest quake ever recorded in Oklahoma...the strongest was in the 1950s.  The damage we received was quite severe. 

I watched with the world as 33 men came out of the Earth...and I got tears in my eyes every single time I got to see one of them being reunited with their loved ones (married or affair, whatever....).  I'm sappy like that.

I made dinner & TD had 3 helpings.  He NEVER has 3 helpings because he's wayyyyyyyy tooooooo busyyyyyyyyy to sit still that long.  But while I was playing Go-fish with his brother (drinking a beer, of course) he asked for a 3rd helping.  WELL OF COURSE!!

Thought you guys would like to see some of the devastation from the earthquake yesterday.

Apparently this was taken just over the epicenter…

If you can donate for the rebuilding, please send them to my paypal account.  Everyone appreciates your thoughts during this difficult time.

Have a great afternoon.  :)


  1. crazy!! i live in oregon and we are waiting on the BIG one... scary!

  2. Give us details on the ghost story!