It could happen to you....Part 2

Here's a Friday funny....it didn't actually happen last night but I will admit that it did happen to me.  No shit.  This was the email I sent to my friends who I knew would appreciate the story, LOL.  Here goes:

I went to bed last night. Got up around 3am to pee. I'm sitting there peeing, finish, and go to stand up when my foot slides forward, out from under me. I immediately fall backwards into the toilet, hitting it so hard that the tank shattered and water begins spewing everywhere.

Pants still around my ankles.
W yells "what the hell?" but never got out of bed....and I am now on the floor, soaked from head to toe and trying to reach the water shut-off valve while I'm being sprayed in the face. And my knee is bleeding.  And it's dark.

I finally reach the shut-off valve & get the water off.  My floor is covered in water, my rugs are soaked. I get towels (everyone is STILL sleeping soundly), throw the rugs into the tub and begin towel-mopping. Dried it as best I could at 3am and changed clothes.

I go back to bed.
This morning, W calls me, laughing, and says "uh, did you have some sort of explosion happen in the toilet last night? What the hell happened?" So I told him, he asked if I was okay and then proceeded to laugh his ass off. Thanks, jackass.
This is what happens when your boys don't wipe the floor after they are done showering. 

But anyway, I'll be buying a new toilet today.

I've attached a pic for your viewing pleasure.  No laughing. 


  1. I'm so so sorry, I am laughing my ass off.
    The picture just did it for me.

  2. I know what to get you for Christmas- Slippers and a helmet.