I confess:

I haven't blogged recently (duh).  Because I had other people things to do.

I am 30 minutes late for work nearly every day.  But it's ok.  They know I'm here late every day, too.

When I drink vodka, I go to bed at 8pm.  And I don't remember if I showered or not.

I hate deciding what to fix for dinner.  Just tell me what you want & I'll cook it. 

I adore sex.  I want more of it.

I'd make my own porno but these days, you just never know where it's gonna land.

My blood pressure was 158/97 the other day.  I need to fix that.

I drank vodka last night.  I went to bed at 8pm.  I showered first.  I know this because I asked him.  The one I want more sex with.  The one I would make a porno with.  And the camera is on the nightstand.......

Dirty thoughts.